Despite water is considered a commodity, without it life can't exist.

Humans need water to live and populations are directly affected by the availability of the "blue gold".

All human settlements grew around the presence of water, the geographical position has always be related to the accessibility of this essential good, directly or indirectly from above or under the surface.

If sources and storages are not protected by locals, a third-party control as well as pollution could be used to manipulate and coerce people in order to induce them to move in a predetermined direction such as, for instance, kick out inhabitants from the land, justify wars or invoke rebellions.

What social implication would have if water is available everywhere for everyone?

Water can be extracted from the air both passively and actively.

While most technologies requires electricity - produced by integrated solar panel, by integrated biomass or conventionally - the simplest way is fog collection, a technique with which the water vapor is converted into liquid water through condensation using a mesh net.

Researchers are currently experimenting a way to extract water in dry regions.

Could live off-grid, be a pillar for freedom and resilience?

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