Life in a city has many advantages but it can be suffocating and exhausting, the missing of vegetation cut us from our organic environment, producing a virtual distancing from what we are: nature.

Forest bathing and grounding would not be necessary if we live in contact and harmony with the natural environment, instead to be constantly focused on create an artificial environment.

Nature is already perfect and already has whatever we need to live, so what's the point on keep trying to create something artificial, good enough for us, if we will never be able to manufacture something better than nature?

Of course humanity has to evolve, but what if we work with nature instead of fight against? What if we learn from nature and co-create our human evolution with it, instead of trying to substitute it for something artificial?

Humanity is running a race that has already lost, due to the fact that even if we can reproduce and clone the entire natural environment, we will eventually find ourselves back to the point zero, at the start, with the only difference to be able to produce what already would exists, without us. Is a quite redundant scenario.

An artificial artifact is buildings, structures that substituting slices of land for bricks and concrete. Buildings are nothing else than the evolution of caves where our ancestors lived, but caves were not just safe places where hide, they also were organic houses, surrounded by nature, that provided a natural insulation from weather.

Due our modern buildings are not efficiently as a cave, we are currently consuming tons of energy cooling houses in hot seasons and heating them in cold seasons, but what if we try to apply the same system, covering building with vegetation in order to insulate them?

Ancient civilizations experimented it, they used to cover the roof of their buildings.

Green roof is a powerful shield that provide insulation, from weather, allowing to save energy when regulating house temperature.

Is a way to restore the land substituted by the building because, as a garden, can sustain a variety of plants and provide habitat for various bird species, increasing biodiversity.

In addition to be a recreational space for the community, have soil over the head is a support for urban agriculture to produce local food, can reduce noise from outside and can potentially reduce polluting and CO2.

For an healthy and efficiently human evolution we should think in terms of "technology refactoring", keep observing the natural environment and integrate us into it.

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