The need of electricity is exponentially growing.

On 1900 Nikola Tesla wrote there are 3 ways to increase human energy: increase the mass, reduce the retarding force, increase the impelling force. Related to the energy we consume to live our modern lives, the 3 equivalents ways would be: produce more electricity, reduce the waste, diversify the production.

The optimization of needs and procedures, in order to eliminate useless loss, allow a drastic reduction of waste, however this way can be used only up to the minimum required is achieved, because is not possible ( has no sense ) reduce more than the lowest point.

Once the waste has been removed, the sustainable way to increase energy is the diversification of the production.

A microgrid is a decentralized and autonomous local network of electricity sources, that operate unplugged from a centralized mass distribution.

If powered by Energy-Plus-houses and other shared sources, every grid can provide as much energy locals require.

Buildings, communities and villages can live off-grid self producing own energy, making themselves resilient and independent from third parties.

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