In our digitized age seems the physical reality has no value, but actually who will control food, water and air control the population.

Soil has always be synonym of sustainment, independence and freedom, however according to the movie Seed, the untold story (2016), some farmers attracted by profit decide to use private-patented seeds and chemicals to improve the harvest, getting caught in a "never-ending" loop of reliance on the provider because, for instance, some patented seeds can't be replicated for future cultivations but need to be bought new, due the licensing terms.

Aside the personal risk of being in a dependency, this procedure generate a selection of seeds that indirectly impact on the increase disappearing of other variety of vegetables.

Open source seed and seed bank secure and conserve biodiversity preventing the loss of species while provide shared resources, knowledge and wisdom to support a profitable organic farming.

Network and local branches provides the worldwide exchange of seeds.

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